They've Got Game: 5 Best Video Game Consoles for Kids

Whether you want a top-of-the-line console like the Xbox One X, a handheld video game like the Nintendo Switch or a fun, simple throwback game system like Super Nintendo, these are the best video game consoles for kids.

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Best Video Game Console for Streaming: Xbox One

Xbox One comes in two video game console models: the more affordable Xbox One S and the premium Xbox One X. Both models provide the same basic functions: They play all current and previous Xbox-branded video games (including Xbox exclusives, like "Halo") and work with all standard accessories. Xbox One also allows HD Blu-ray and video streaming and allows online services like Netflix streaming. They both have the same audio capabilities, but the graphics on the Xbox One X are improved and the X has improved processing power. If your kid isn't obsessed with seeing the tiniest details in a game, the S should be just fine. (starts at $299 for Xbox One S and $499 for Xbox One X;

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Best Video Game Console for the Whole Family: Nintendo Switch

The Switch is one of the most innovative gaming systems in recent years. This video game console is designed to be played as a classic single or multiplayer game system on your home TV, or removed from the dock and played on the go as a single-player console—the "switch" the name alludes to. Players can enjoy a range of Nintendo classics like "Super Mario Bros." or play some of the most popular modern games on the market, like "Minecraft" and "Fortnite." ($299;

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Best Video Game Consoles for Big Kids: PlayStation 4

The PS4 is the newest model of PlayStation, which is one of the most popular options in modern gaming—nearly all games have a PS4-compatible version, there are tons of accessories and players can also play online with friends, stream games and use streaming apps like Netflix. The PS4 Pro is the higher-end version of the video game console, with enhanced graphics and game resolution. Again, if your kid isn't in it for top-notch views, the standard PlayStation 4 is a safe bet. (starts at $299 for PS4 and PS4 Pro;

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Best Classic Video Game Console: Super NES Classic

How about a video game you're good at? Nintendo's throwback gaming console, Super Nintendo Entertainment Center, is an homage to its 16-bit video game rootsm and it comes preloaded with 21 classic Super NES games like "Mario Kart," "Legend of Zelda" and "Donkey Kong Country." There's no need to purchase extra accessories or games—everything you need comes in the first purchase. And, even better, nostalgic parents get to show their kids the ropes on this video game console. ($80;

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Best Video Game Console for Travel: Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo is dominating the list of best gaming consoles, and for good reason—they make products that can stand the test of time. You might remember the Game Boy, but the closest modern incarnation is Nintendo's DS. The 3DS XL is top of the line when it comes to Nintendo's DS systems, which are handheld video game consoles designed for single-player use. The 3DS XL comes with amazing features like face-tracking technology, web browsing, Netflix streaming capabilities, a physical activity log and more. ($200;

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