This ezpz X Sesame Street Collab Makes Mealtime Fun and Mess-Free

by Bethany Braun-Silva

This ezpz X Sesame Street Collab Makes Mealtime Fun and Mess-Free

ezpz is known for its all-in-one placemats that make mealtime fun for kids and mess-free for parents. The mat suctions to the table, which means it’s nearly impossible for kids to knock it over or for it to be pushed off the table while they’re eating. The mats also help little ones with fine motor skills and self-feeding and create a positive and fun mealtime experience, something that every parent will love!


They recently collaborated with Sesame Street for two new placemats. Kids can choose from an Elmo or Cookie Monster mat, but after parents see how smoothly mealtime goes, we are thinking they are just going to purchase both!


With this collab both Sesame Street and ezpz aim to help kids of all abilities meet key developmental milestones and grow smarter, stronger and kinder!


The mat—aside from the suction capabilities—also features separate compartments, so different foods won’t touch. Its compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for dining out or for traveling. It’s also easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe. The silicone fabrication is bendable and flexible and won’t fade, corrode or deteriorate.


The mats cost $20 and are available on Amazon. We can’t wait to try these out for ourselves!

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