WWE Superstars The Miz & Maryse Talk Baby #2 And The Highlights Of Filming ‘Miz & Mrs.’

by Bethany Braun-Silva

WWE Superstars The Miz & Maryse Talk Baby #2 And The Highlights Of Filming ‘Miz & Mrs.’

Talk about a power couple!


WWE wrestlers The Miz and Maryse are quite literally taking the world by storm. They shot to superstardom and into the mainstream thanks to their hit reality show Miz and Mrs., where audiences got to see first hand their real personalities, which differ a lot from their WWE ones. “It’s not about drama,” The Miz said, regarding the reality show. “It’s about making people laugh, sitting down with your family and enjoying one another.” And fans can’t get enough! The show has already been greenlit for a second season, which makes sense given that the couple are getting ready to welcome baby #2 (another girl) into the mix.


The couple announced that they were expecting a baby girl, to join big sister, Monroe, with an epic gender reveal party which they documented on social media. “Honestly what we’re looking forward to the most is for Monroe to have a play friend. A person to play with at all times. Monroe is non stop!” The Miz said.


Read the rest of the interview below:


Maryse, you’re obviously quite fit, so what are some of your must-have products for looking and feeling your best while pregnant?


Maryse: I kind of slow down working out while I’m pregnant. I try to just sleep as much as possible. Just taking care of Monroe and running after her all day, that’s my workout. I stop really exercising for five to six months, because this pregnancy is just different. The first time around I could sleep more, now I can’t. Monroe is up all day and we’ve been really really busy. I always say that when I’m pregnant, I’m going to relax, sit by the pool and go get a massage or facial, but I never do any of that and just end up running after my kid all day. Which is crazy!


What is Monroe into these day?


Maryse: She loves the pool, she loves swimming. She wants to go in the pool so we had to put a really big fence up because she is crazy with water. And she loves reading books. She’s only a year and a half!


The Miz: She also loves Maryse’s makeup drawer. She always goes for it.


Maryse: My makeup drawer is the same height as her, so she can reach it and the other day I had this big palette of makeup that I had just got and she got it all over the floor, the walls, the bathroom, she had it all over her face and hair. And I was like you know what, it’s already destroyed so you might as well keep going!


How would you guys react if Monroe wanted to join the WWE?


Maryse: She actually loves watching the show. When Smackdown or Raw is on, she goes crazy! She just sits there and watches it. She can do whatever she wants!


The Miz: She loves the colors and the lights, the music, she always dances to any music we put on.


Maryse: She was actually at Wrestlemania this year!


The Miz: She was asleep during my match, but what can you do?


Maryse: Honestly, she watched the entire Wrestlemania and she was there the whole day, and just really interested by the pyrotechnics and lights and then Mike came on and she fell asleep, and that was pretty funny!


What are some things you hope to instill in your girls or pass down to them?


The Miz: I think we just want to make sure that they have the love and support and they know that whatever they put their mind to, we will give them the tools to be able to succeed. I think that’s what every parent wants. Every parent wants to give their kid as much love and care as possible and give them the tools to succeed in whatever dreams they may have! We want to have a great household where there is a lot of positivity and a lot of laughter and fun! 


What are some of the takeaways you’ve had from filming Season 1 of the show?


Maryse: I love the show because I get to be with my family. Miz and Mrs. is fun because I get to be with my daughter and now I’m going to be with my other kid too and I get to do things with them, and I get to things with Mike and my mom! I would see my once a year and now I see her everyday. It just kind of brought the family together. 


You guys travel a lot! Any tips for traveling with a toddler?


Maryse: It’s impossible, it’s very hard. You have to bring so much stuff. I’ll show up to the airport with nine suitcases.


The Miz: The first time we went on a flight we had like 30 suitcases  and then the second time, we learned you don’t need two strollers, you don’t need two baby seats, you don’t need all the stuff you feel like you will need. Most of the stuff you never really use, so just bring the necessities!


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Photo courtesy: Scott Brinegar